Six Week Pregnancy Weight Loss Review

Now she has developed the six week pregnancy weight loss program as part of her Fit Healthy Moms campaign. The program is a combination of short exercises that you can do at home within four to six weeks of having had your baby (with your physician's approval) and a sound nutritional program designed to melt the weight off of you.

She promises that if you follow her post pregnancy diet, you will lose up to twenty pounds of fat in just forty two days.

Six Week Pregnancy Weight Loss Download

For women who are trying to lose weight after having had a baby, sometimes the biggest problem is that they just don't have enough time to take care of themselves. The creator of the six week pregnancy weight loss program definitely understands that; it's why she has kept each of her program's workout sessions to under thirty minutes.

When you download the six week pregnancy weight loss program you will receive six separate workout sessions that are led by Sara herself. Each is between fifteen and thirty minutes long, so you can do it easily while your child is napping or you're running a load of laundry.

The workouts do not require any equipment other than a couple of soup cans as weights - you do not need to spend any time or money beyond the forty seven dollars that the program itself costs. In addition to the workouts themselves, Sara has created a nutritional program that will help you cut calories in a way that won't leave you hungry - in fact you'll feel like you're eating all the time.

She also provides a diet journal because she knows that being mindful of what you are eating and the amount that you are exercising is one of the most effective ways to help somebody stick to their diet.

The average pregnancy results in approximately a thirty pound weight gain. Some women gain less, some gain substantially more.

Although many will tell you that the weight will come off easily because you'll be running around taking care of your new bundle of joy, the truth is that losing baby weight can be very difficult.

If you're exhausted from taking care of a baby you are much less likely to be taking care of yourself, and you may fall into eating easy, fat-laden fast foods rather than the healthy food you need to help yourself to return to pre-pregnancy weight.

For many women it is even harder than that if the weight is not from your first baby, but from your second or third and you never really lost all the weight from the first pregnancy.

Sara Dean is a fitness expert who has devoted her life to helping women regain their lives and their fitness, especially after having a baby.


Regardless of whether you've just had your baby a few days ago or if it has been years, her program is designed to help you get yourself into shape.

Six Week Pregnancy Weight Loss Program

Sara Dean's story is one that is familiar to many women. Her mom was a single mother who had so much difficulty losing weight after having each of her babies that she tried even the craziest diets. Sara ended up an overweight child, and her mom brought her to Weight Watchers at the young age of 10 years old. Sara struggled with her weight for years, until she finally started to exercise and get into shape, and realized how much of a difference exercise and healthy eating made for her. Continued below..

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