Holly Rigsby Review

Holly Rigsby Interval Training

Most people say that they have no time in a day. New moms are the ones
who really have no time, with caring for the baby and the family, home, work among other things; it is not easy. Holly understands, so she put together a system that works even after you have worked out.

Her interval training is very intense, lasting about 15 minutes. She does have some other training options lasting four minutes, if you are really busy. To start, you warm up for two minutes - moving side to side. Next, give it your all for one minute doing jumping jacks. The next minute you will slow down just moving side to side again then back to an intense minute and so on, for 15 minutes. You can substitute jumping jacks with other options that she provides. You probably didn't do much running during pregnancy so it may be a little hard at first, give your muscles time to build.

Holly Rigsby Diet

With losing weight comes dieting. A
pregnancy diet is for moms losing baby weight. Holly will provide you with the five super foods that help take off the fat.

You will learn the foods to avoid during pregnancy. In no time you will get your body back, maybe better than before. There are a lot of manufactured ingredients in the food we eat, even those foods that you think are healthy can be what is preventing the weight loss.

Nutrition is important when you are losing weight after pregnancy. After workouts your body is revved up. The foods you eat afterwards can either slow down the fat burning process or help it along.

All the pregnancy diet foods are mentioned in the ebook. You will learn how to pick the right foods. This should not be hard to get use to since you had to know what not to eat when pregnant and what to eat when pregnant.

When done right, this 16-week program will help make losing baby weight a cinch.

Holly Rigsby is the author of Fit Yummy Mummy (FYM). This ebook is a must read if you are trying to lose weight after pregnancy but can't.

Holly has put together a program that will give new moms their figure back. Baby weight can be difficult to lose. Yes, you do lose some if you breastfeed but most moms find out the rest of the weight doesn't drop off as easy.

In this ebook, you will find the answers on how to drop the rest and it is not with pills, powder or plastic surgery. Her focus is on exercise - excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) and eating right.

Holly also put together a 15-minute workout and a comprehensive pregnancy diet that will help you because she knows time is of the essence. For over three years Holly tested her methods and changed them when needed until she found the perfect system.

But to help you feel better about purchasing her ebook, she gives you 8-weeks to return it if you are not satisfied.


Holly Rigsby Bonuses

When you have decided to purchase the
$37 ebook, you not only get the answer to losing baby weight but you get seven additional bonuses for free. One bonus includes an interval training track; forget buying a timer, this track takes you through some sets. You will also be given a meal plan and recipes, access to videos of the exercises, a few issues of their Fit Club newsletter and a one-month membership to the FYM club. As you meet your weight loss goals, you can set new goals with the help of the Success Guide that is included. The guide also has tips and strategies to put to use. You will receive this and other bonuses that are together worth over $500! There are secrets given in this bonus and also forums that you can participate in; talking to other new moms will help you prepare your routine better. Continued below....

Holly Rigsby Review Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

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