Exercise For Pregnant Women

Exercise For Pregnant Women In Second Trimester

Dancing is great if you’re looking for a good way how to stay skinny while pregnant. During the second trimester, the recommended dances are ballet at the barre, jazz, salsa and belly dancing. Aside from prenatal yoga, a lot of gyms also offer dance classes for pregnant women. You can also take on moderate jogging and running.

As your stomach grows, you also tend to get clumsier so take extra caution in your exercising. Wear comfortable shoes and keep to flat lanes. Another great exercise for pregnant women is biking. Biking will take your weight off your feet. Use stationary bikes to avoid accidents. Gardening will be a good hobby to take up while pregnant.

Exercise For Pregnant Women In Third Trimester

For your last trimester of pregnancy, continue engaging in light exercises. You might also focus more on Kegel Exercise and prenatal yoga and do less of running, biking, dancing and other strenuous activities. You can incorporate Pilates for pregnant women in your routines as this will help tone target muscles with controlled movements.

Always make sure to drink a lot when engaged strenuous activities. Immediately stop your exercise regimen if you feel dizzy, having chest pains, calf pain or swelling, headache, muscles weakness and shortness of breath. Furthermore, see your doctor if you have vaginal bleeding, leakage of amniotic fluid, early contractions and decreased fetal movement.

Exercise For Pregnant Women For Normal Delivery

A Danish study conducted in 2008 states that moderate physical activities significantly reduces the risk of premature birth.

Scientific studies have proven that exercising while pregnant does not slow fetal growth and has no effect on birth weight. In the contrary, exercise for pregnant women could be instrumental in the increase of birth weight.

A research conducted on 5-year olds also proves that mothers who engaged in strenuous activities while pregnant have healthier and leaner children. The study also yielded the fact that these kids scored higher in language and intelligence tests compared to those whose mothers did not engage in any exercising while pregnant.

Exercise For Pregnant Women In Second Trimester

Except for few special cases,
exercising while pregnant is good for both you and your baby. The US Department of Health and Human Services recommends a weekly average of 200 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise for pregnant women.

Exercising while pregnant has very low risks if you're healthy. There are many benefits that you van derive from exercising. The activities will give you a healthy glow as the blood flow to your skin increases and will release the endorphins or the feel-good chemicals from your brain making you feel better.

Constant exercising will relieve tension and backaches and is a great way to prepare your body for birth. Exercising will sustain your enduarance and breathing control that are essential in birthing. You need to consult with your doctor before engaging in a form of exercise if you encounter signs like vaginal bleeding, early contractions and high blood pressure.

Exercise For Pregnant Women In First Trimester

Kegel Exercise for pregnant women is a must. This will help you locate and strengthen your pelvic floor muscle. These are the muscles that you use when holding back urine. You can start you practice by cutting off urine stream while urinating. When you have successfully located your pelvic floor muscles, you can practice contractions anytime and anywhere. During practice, try to contract as hard and tightly as you can for ten seconds, then relax and repeat. Do five repetitions to a set.

Prenatal yoga and relaxation techniques are important to develop your focus and breathing controls. It is also a great body stress reliever. Other recommended exercises during the first trimester are aerobics, walking, swimming, and weight training.

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